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PGA Design/Build in the News


Chevy Chase View



November/December 2006

Page 1 of article 408k  Page 2 of article 404k

"Just outside the Beltway, this Kensington neighborhood feels farther away and from a time gone by . . . "


A Garden Transformed



Home & Design
Spring 2006

Page 1 of article 500k

"Patience and planning are the two very basic but essential elements that make this garden so special. . . "


Borrowed Light



Our Parish Times
May 2000

Page 1 of article 79k

"In a recent large renovation in Bethesda, we designed a back stairwell that led from the upstairs bedroom hallway . . . "


Where Two Can Sleep as Quietly as One



The Washington Post
September 16, 1999

Page 1 of article 132k

"In today's fast-paced, dual-career households, couples often have different schedules. Paul Gaiser, principal architect with PGA/Design . . ."


Island Living in New Kitchen Design



Our Parish Times
April 19, 1999

Page 1 of article 222k

"The Holy Redeemer families are now enjoying island living in their new kitchen additions with the help of PGA Design/Build of Bethesda . . . "


Bed and Breakfast



The Washington Post
February 4, 1999

Page 1 of article 360k

"Master bedroom suites often include amenities such as dressing and sitting areas, entertainment centers and whirlpool baths . . ."


Are You Ready to Ramble?



Our Parish Times
November 19, 1998

Page 1 of article 236k

"In the post war years, with abundant land available for sub-division development, a new housing concept hit the market . . ."


Fabulous Foyers



Gazette Home Interiors Special
October 1997

Centerfold article 372k

"A home's foyer can make an elaborate first impression, or a statement as simple as 'welcome.' . . ."


Local architect opens up 1930s home, turns porch into music room


Gazette Newspapers Home Section
March 26, 1997

Page 1 of article 213k

"The problem for a Kensington family was two fold. First they wanted to have a place to put their beautiful baby grand Steinway . . ."


Renovated Home in Rock Creek Hills Alive with the Sound of Music


Our Parish Times
March 16, 1997

Page 1 of article 172k

"Linda had a dilemma. Her husband and two children were accomplished pianists, but the piano was squeezed into a corner . . . "


Porch sightings reported in many parishes



Our Parish Times

Pages 1 and 2 of article 145k

"It usually starts with only one house in the neighborhood (that couple with too much time on their hands) . . ."


1940s Home Renovated into Victorian Inspired Cottage


Our Parish Times
September 15, 1996

Page 1 of article 224k

"The problem facing the renovation aspirations of Theresa Bucher and her husband Jeffery Pompa was that their house . . . "


Paring down: Options for empty-nester homes


Montgomery Gazette
October 23, 1996

Page 1 of article 184k   Page 2 of article 120k

"So your children have gone off to college, gotten married or are in another city pursuing their dreams of fame and fortune . . . "


Stylish kitchen makeover uses available space


Gazette Newspapers Home Section
August 23, 1995

Page 1 of article 192k

"Mike and Kathey LaVigne knew they would renovate their outdated kitchen when they bought their circa 930s home in 1994 . . . "


Remodeling fixes traffic flow



Gazette Newspapers Home Section
December 28, 1994

Page 1 of article 286k

"Although their home had been added to several times in the past, Alice and Jack MacDonnell still weren't satisfied with the way the traffic . . . "


Addition completes Cape Cod Home



Montgomery Gazette
November 30, 1994

Page 1 of article 192k

"For Eileen Harrington and Jean Noonan sitting on their tree top balcony with a cup of coffee and book comes as close to bliss as they . . ."


Addition to home is dream come true



Gazette Newspapers Home Section
November 25, 1994

Page 1 and 2 of article 216k

"For Christmas last year, Tom Jones gave his wife Colleen a water color rendering of the new addition they were contemplating . . ."


Renovation converts childhood home



Bethesda Gazette
April 13, 1994

Page 1 of article 123k   Page 2 of article 21k

"What would be finer than having your own son design your home's new addition . . ."


P.G.A. Creates Backyard Bliss!



Our Parish Times
March 19, 1994

Page 1 of article 184k

"One of the oft-neglected areas of new home design is the connection between the main level of the house and the backyard. . ."


Bethesda firm wins honorable mention in design competition


Potomac Gazette
November 11, 1993

Page 1 of article 169k   Page 2 of article 149k

"PGA Design/Build, a Bethesda firm specializing in large residential projects was given an honorable mention award last weekend . . ."


Renaissance '93: Private Residence



Remodeling Magazine
November, 1993

Page 1 of article 63k

"The owners of the 2,000 square-foot 1960's tract house needed more space for their four daughters and regularly visiting parents . . . "


An Architect Builds his Deck




Page 1 of article 72k   Page 2 120k

"After 13 years in my house, I finally decided to design something for myself . . ."

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